Vodool Car Charging Holder Review – A Great Tool to Tame Your Phone While Driving

Vodool Car Charging Holder – At First Glance

Smartphone docks and holders for automobiles are not new to the market. In fact, it is safe to say that there are too many to choose from and most folks have owned a number of them over the years. Remember the old days when changing phones meant a whole new set of proprietary accessories for charging and transportation? Luckily those dreary days are gone. The Vodool Car Charging Holder is a perfect example. It is a combination car dock and charger with auxiliary USB outputs. It is advertised for iPhone and Samsung but its incredible adjustability means that it is suitable for just about any smartphone. The additional charging outputs are a handy bonus and it may just be one of the best holders of its kind on the market now.

Car charging holder

Design and Materials

Made from a combination of ABS, PC, and silica gel, the Vodool is predominately black to blend nicely with auto interiors and has some green highlights around the holder edges, handy in dim interiors when fitting a phone. The build quality is good and made with a minimum of material for a slim, sleek look and light weight. The gel of the adjustable phone holder is super soft to protect the phone from bumps, shocks, and scratches. In terms of safety, the Vodool carries the standard CE.FCC.ROHS certifications for electrical devices and chargers.

Vodool Car charging holder


For any car phone dock adjustability is key and in this the department the Vodool excels. The point of attachment is naturally the car’s cigarette lighter and the Vodool fits snugly and securely. The flexible arm moves in any direction, has excellent hold and extends from a length of 115.5mm ~ 173.6mm. Used in conjunction with the omni-directional holder cradle the Vodool can position the phone in any desired configuration. The holder cradle achieves this with an adjustable ball and socket attachment that allows full 360 degree motion as well as tilt and turn. Having the ability to tighten the ball and socket means that the non-slip holder can be set up for easy adjustment on the go or locked down for maximum hold. The Vodool can certainly hold Apple and Samsung smartphones with its unique K-shaped cradle but its awesome adjustability allows phones of the length 10.8cm ~ 16.8cm and the width 5.0cm ~ 8.5cm to fit meaning that virtually any smartphone is compatible – a great feature for people who have multiple devices or multiple drivers.

Car charging holder
Car charging holder


In addition to holding a smartphone in any position the Vodool Car Charging Holder carries two USB outputs for charging and includes a Micro USB cable. This is a great feature as often the passenger also has a phone to charge or the driver may have other devices such as a tablet or auto GPS that requires power during drives. For a car holder this compact and useful the functionality is top notch.

Charging Capabilities

The two USB charging outputs on the Vodool Car Charging Holder both support fast charging at an impressive 5V-2.1Amp – great for getting devices with large batteries or backup power supplies charging in a hurry. Of course charging a smartphone is a breeze too.

Accessories and Extras

Conveniently, the Vodool Car Charging Holder comes with a Micro USB cable for charging most devices.

What’s the bottom line?

Users will love the simple functionality of the Vodool Car Charging Holder and appreciate the protection it provides to smartphones. The amazing adjustability gives this holder a lot of flexibility for phone position and the dual USB charging outputs will satisfy business and gear heavy users who need to charge multiple devices while on the road. The Vodool isn’t groundbreaking in its functions but simply does its job very well.


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