2016 Ushers in the New Arrival of Stunning Virtual Reality at Newfrog

The world of virtual reality is here! Technology now exists that can completely change the way we perceive the world around us. Experience a virtual 3D world that is totally immersive, intriguing, and out of this world. There are many developers creating high end virtual reality headsets that use powerful proprietary systems and expensive headsets to create VR worlds but there is another way that can put VR into the hands of everyone.

The easiest and most cost effective access to VR technology is by using a device most people already own…a smartphone. The powerful processing power of a typical smartphone paired with some simple DIY VR kits can have one immersed in the magic world of virtual reality for less than $20. Google started this trend with their popular Google cardboard and now that Google has released its Cardboard SDK for both Android and iOS, app developers on both platforms are creating thousands of apps that support the important components of VR such head tracking, 3D calibration, and user input through simple headsets.


These low-cost headsets, use special biconvex lenses held in a box that users insert their smartphones into and then place on their head and over their eyes. The effect is to create an amazing virtual 3D world with wide angles of vision that look incredible. Depending on the app or games used, various inputs such as motion can be used to interact with the app. For those who have never tried VR, the effect is hard to describe and should not be missed. Imagine being inside of a digital world or making games seems so real that they are unforgettable.

The other natural application for VR headsets is in creating amazing cinematic experiences. VR turns movies and media into gorgeous wide angle surround view. Truly amazing. The good news is that expensive systems such as Oculus Rift are not necessary to experience the fun of virtual reality. As usual, we has low-cost versions of VR that work for any smartphone and put the power of newfrog virtual reality into the hands of the masses.


 Virtual Reality 3D Glasses VR Box

Right now in  our website,there is a massive sale on virtual reality headsets with prices as low as $3.92 and big discounts up to 39%. Virtual Reality 3D Glasses VR Box  is full of discounts on DIY headsets made from foldable cardboard such as the Google 3D DIY kits as well as high end specialized headsets that are comfortable, adjustable, and work with a variety of smartphones. If one wishes to experience the power of virtual reality without spending a lot of money, now is the time to take advantage of the best deals of the year on VR gear from Newfrog.



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