A slick fashion wearable for activity tracking and more adds color to any style

W5 Smart Wristband – Overview

People have enthusiastically embraced smart wearables, especially activity trackers. It has been proven that simply wearing an activity tracker increases fitness awareness and encourages better habits. Accurate pedometers such as the one equipped in the W5 can have real benefits to the way people look feel and live. With that said, the prevailing trend in fitness wearables is away from overly complicated, clunky looking devices toward minimal and fun wearables that only contain the most useful features such as bracelet pedometers and sleep monitors. The W5 fits the bill. It’s sleek, simple, and available in fun colors.

Design and Materials

With a nod to both fashion and function, the W5 Wristband has a smooth construction and low profile design. Two control buttons are deftly hidden along the top edge and it is the perfect size and adjustable for any wrist making it a great unisex wearable. The material is a silica gel and is resistant to moisture and sweat and won’t discolor. Putting it on and taking it off is a snap, literally with a quick connect strap that can be put on or removed with one hand.

These days, fashion is as important as function and the W5 impresses with a wide range of delightful colors. Lime green, silver, pink, orange, ocean blue and black are available to complement and contrast any outfit. The low price point means that owning several different colors is a real option.

smart wristband


Of course, delivering useful information is the whole point and the W5 accomplishes this with a seamlessly integrated LED display that communicates all the most important information at a glance. The display is underneath a see-thru panel leaving the band of the W5 smooth and unobstructed.


Charging is quick and easy with a built-in rechargeable polymer battery that can connect to a USB port on any computer or its included charger with a DC-5V output. The W5 battery is built for long life and full discharges and can cycle more than 300 times.


Taking a cue from the most popular fitness wearables on the market, the W5 applies only the most useful and handy features.

Vibrating alert:Can set an alarm and receive a quiet vibrating alert for wakeup or other important reminders.

Time and date display: The bright LED display can show time, date, and temperature in real-time.


smart wristband


Activity tracking: The heart of the device is its accurate activity tracking and bracelet pedometer. The W5 records all the most effective metrics such as steps, distance traveled, and calories burned.

Sleep monitoring: Intuitive sleep monitoring shows sleep quality that helps users wake up better and well rested.

What’s the bottom line?

The days of complicated activity trackers and tech heavy devices is over. Simple and effective, fashionable wearables that cut out unneeded features are the newest and most popular trend. The W5 is just such as device. It is perfect for the user that wants only the most important features without the cost and complexity of other less streamlined trackers. At this price, it’s easy to buy several to take advantage of the many available colors and the simplicity of the W5 will make many loyal fans. A great, accurate activity tracker at a great price.



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