Fit smart: A new fitness-bracelet

OLED Bluetooth Bracelet with Pedometer for Android iPhone Pink

As the sports tend to be daily parts,People are enthusiastically embraced smart wearables, especially activity trackers.It is obvious that the simply smart bracelet with the healthy  principle get sports group welcome.Maybe the smart bracelet encourage more people join and enjoy. The Waerable provides pulse measurement and fitness plans and thus is aimed first and foremost at athletes.


OLED bluetooth bracelet smart wrist is much more than just a simple watch, interesting mobile life starts from connecting to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. It is a Smart Wristband which is compatible with all Bluetooth V4.0 or above enabled smartphones, tablets and PCs .
For consideration, OELD with  a sleep monitoring , calculating the number of steps, calories consumed and mileage recording function calculation.. Show the steps, Calorie, Distance, Time, Sleep quality clearly.

Fuction Features:
Pedometer: Can whenever and wherever possible to step, View the current training situation and remaining unfinished step number.

Sleep Monitoring: Intelligent monitoring to sleep at night, Up in the morning can see sleep last night, There will be five diagram, Said sleep is very poor, Said poor sleep, said sleep usually, Said sleep good, According to sleep very well.
Stopwatch: May at any time enter the stopwatch, test, check the current run time.
Double bright screen: In the screen off state, double click the bracelet screen, bracelet screen can be bright, convenient to view the current standby time or step.
battery:the standby time of 100 hours, When the battery is low ,Charge one  hours only to be filled, sounds fast and convenient.

Cool Stuff
Other exciting features include the step frequency measurement and the ability to pass signals via vibration. The step frequency measurement can be found in some fitness watches,  – but fitness bracelets measure previously only distances traveled. The step frequency plays an important role in the evaluation of the work done operation. The use of vibration signals in turn is especially useful to avoid the constant view of the wrist can and still be informed about a high pulse.


Sports instead Lifestyle newfrog smart Bracelet
The offered in other bracelets functions such as sleep analysis or assistance with proper diet drop off, target group are clearly athletes.  Keep Fit Smart is significantly higher than the prices of other fitness bands.Newfrog prefer sports and healthy life.


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