What is good a “Smart Watch”?

Now it is something more than just rumors: Apple, Google and Samsung are working on developing smartwatch. Once the surprise given by news coming soon, it is legitimate to question the usefulness of this newtect gadget.

There is no need to wait for Apple or Google to measure the potential of this new toy. In fact, while the three high-tech giants are still deciding what to do, many smallmanufacturers have already started to sell the first “smart watches”. So we have prepared an overview of the features offered by top models already on the market.

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Health comes first

Cellphone maybe most time produce the radiation. So there is a prevailing a smart watch coming with a healthy tool.Today, most of the smartwatch continues to follow this market trend, providing excellent tools that help you stay healthy. The smart bracelet with OLED screen clearly displays health parameters including steps, time and sleep quality. Let you know your sports data right away.

And takes care of even those who head for air: If you leave your phone somewhere and you’re away, your watch will alert you immediately with a vibration. A function that, among other things, lets you see immediately if the watch you are hijacked.



However serious, expensive and innovative may be, new gadgets always offer a chance to play. On the other hand, always have your wrist a few games, maybe to survive boring meetings, it is more than desirable. Unfortunately, smartphones are still at an immature stage of development, so there are only a few really exciting games out there.

G10A smart watch with a camera is available With QQ, wechat, Twitter, Facebook, time, schedule, read message or news function. I mean, you don’t need take the phone from pocket, let your hands free.

Many models of smartwatch, luminaires are mainly of the appendices of the phone,and send notifications, simply leaving the phone managing complex operations. The reason? The obvious technical limitations that an object of much reduced size entails.

Yet there are models of smartwatch that allow, for example, call us or read and post messages independently. The i’m Watch, for example, you can receive and make calls independently through an app, while the Martian Watch you can dictate SMSs or ship them read by a synthetic voice.

Wrist notification Center

For now, then, the main function of the smartwatch is to inform what happens on your smartphone, such as incoming calls, appointments, Facebook messages, tweets, SMS, weather alerts, etc.

With a simple twist of the wrist, you can read what is happening on your mobile phone without taking it out of your pocket or handbag. It would seem ideal to reject unwanted calls discreetly or read your e-mail messages without even touching your phone.

These gadgets are the ideal solution for those who are tired of spending time to unlock and lock your smartphone. And the Martian Watch do even more, because they allow you to use voice commands to ask the time, set a timer or to know the outcome of a game.

Listen and control your music

Since 2010, Apple has allowed to discover the joys of the heart rate monitor with the sixth-generation iPod Nano, a wearable MP3 player like clockwork thanks to specially designed straps.


If none of the currently smartwatch on the market is still able to match the performance of the Apple player, however, many models allow you to remotely control the music played by a smartphone. G10A allows for example to pause, change songs and see the title of the song playing without touching the phone.

Endless possibilities

This, then, is the current status of the smart watch market. There is no doubt that the mainstream smart watch will be more smart and convenient. But the product is still at an early stage of life, and it is difficult to guess what the future holds: videoconferencing? file sharing? Collection of biometric data?


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