iPhone 7: Update on rumors and economic challenge for Apple

A hinged phone?

Apple will release a new phone this year. It’s not a huge risk to announce that it and the terminal itself should not be a surprise, as the leaks have been numerous. But mobile, Apple’s growth engine, will he make him find the way summits after a lackluster performance this year?

Earpods lightning

The fiscal year 2015-2016 was somewhat unusual for Apple. Indeed, the firm Apple has presented no less than 3 mobile during this period: the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and small novelty, iPhone OS for mobile lovers woo small. Yet it was not enough to get the firm to its relative economic slump since the latest report iPhone sales were down 23%. However, it is useful to highlight the character “relative” of that slump, because the company still keeps a war chest of $ 13 billion and reached the symbolic walk a billion iPhones sold since the beginning of the product life.

An announcement on September 5-6?

The future iPhone has some weight on the shoulders, particularly as competition, particularly Samsung with its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note 7, has cut his arms and offers mobile increasingly attractive. The choice of Apple are scrutinized loan. The Chief serial-fuiteur, evleaks, opened the show by announcing that mobile would come out on September 12, which would require that a conference be held the previous week, on 5 and 6 September, a few days after the closure of the IFA – a quite usual period for the firm.


Technically, the presence or not of a jack port on the upcoming mobile apple always seems to divide opinion and no source seems to agree. It would also probably one of the few changes to the body of the terminal: it is indeed widely expected that 7 does not change in design compared to the previous generation, Apple probably keeping in a drawer innovations for 2017 year or we will celebrate 10 years of the iPhone. The other change happen as a photo double module. Apple might give way to incorporate current fashion and a second sensor, as did Huawei Honor, LG or HTC in the last few years. It remains to see what will be the firm in terms of integration; so far, double modules on smartphones more often held gadget that essential functionality.

Increased dependence likely to Samsung

Some rumors also indicate a borderless screen that would even cover the invincible Home button. It is unlikely that Apple messes as the ergonomics of mobile, even if this could be the opportunity to see the solution of Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint reader on a device. It is likely however that the firm finally enters the AMOLED for its mobile screens, but that would mean be still and ever more dependent on its competitor Samsung, as the Korean manufacturer has a near monopoly on the display market AMOLED mobile.


Finally, the iPhone 7 could see his slightly increase battery, memory for the basic offering climb to 64 GB, and also start with 3 GB of RAM, though, as Apple already has moult again proved, RAM and processor power on its devices do not need to be at the highest as software optimization is the rendezvous.

A product of continuity in a difficult year?

Everything therefore points to a phone that will not revolutionize the industry from Apple, but rather align themselves on fierce competition. If the company is far from being in trouble, the watch connected Apple Watch has still not been the hoped for growth and the tablet market still stagnant, leaving smartphone increased responsibility to bring growth the company. The time is not necessarily the best choice to present a product of continuity. But if it is a company with enough stamina to endure such a year, it’s Apple. as well as the cellphone online :newfrog.we wll Closely aligned with Apple providing newfrog iPhone Cases & Skins.And as analysts say: “Next year will probably be good since the compare to this year.”


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