To illuminate Your First Photo Studio,what Material needed?

One of the desires that almost all photographers beginning to take its first steps in this art have is putting together its own photo studio. Having ample space for art flow almost sounds idyllic does not it?

This wonderful dream can be much closer to reality than you think. Have you heard about the Strobist philosophy? Did you know that the equipment needed to start is much more accessible than you imagine?

There is no need waiting to be a professional to win thousands of euros for that you get to build your own studio , the need to illuminate material is much more accessible than you think.

As the adage says, “Do not leave for tomorrow, you can build photo studio today.”


to brighten your photo studio Material:

While the equipment and materials needed for mounting a photographic studio I are very expensive top quality and at the same time, huge and heavy, that does not mean you can not achieve an enviable quality using equipment more modest benefits.

Here are  different light sources that you can use and the various accessories that will be helpful.

Light Sources

Light continues: They are all those sources of light “shine at all times”. This type of equipment, such as a fluorescent lamp, a tungsten lamp, a LED reflector or a halogen bulb, etc. will allow your reason, this illuminated constantly regardless of whether or not you shoot your camera (unlike the flash that is activated to fire it). This is its main advantage, since, as its continuous light, will allow you to observe in detail how the light falls on your model, the shadows that form, etc. However, they are large, heavy equipment and generate a lot of heat, and thus much energy consumption.

Contrary to what may seem to you, make a couple of sources of continuous light is not at all expensive, at least to take your first steps. our site Search and find offers like this: Newfrog full kit studio lighting for reasonal price.


External Flash: the light source is more powerful, compact and versatile, since by its size, it is easy to move and can shoot them directly on your motives or bounce it or difuminarlo as you see fit. You can also work with a set of them since, when placed around the scene and shoot them remotely, you can illuminate without cables or connection to the mains, as continuous light, but its light can not be as powerful as the latter .

No need to make you the most expensive flash of the same brand as the manufacturer of your camera does not have to be new, or the latest model in the market. There are many alternatives, from “big brands” as well as other manufacturers with which you can get excellent results, but may not remain the same functionalities. The Speedlite YONGNUO YN-568EX, is one such alternative as accessible as trusted.
Modeling light: flashes have a disadvantage: it will be very difficult to judge the final photograph will look when illumine with a flash as the same, not illuminate the scene to be shot. That is why, many heads of studio flashes, bring lamps that emit continuous light with the same effect of light emitted by the flash. In this way, you can work the scene although the flashes have not been fired yet. Anyway, this light is not as powerful or has exactly the same properties as the flash of a flash, but you will be really useful when working in the studio and save hundreds of botched pictures.

In order to model the light as you wish, it will be very useful, have the following accessories:

reflective screens: These screens are used when modeling the light as it will allow you to reflect it, intensify or reduce it. Depending on the material from which made its surface, the light will be reflected in one way or another it will change its color, direction, intensity, etc. There are several types: white to scatter light, golden to achieve a warmer light, silver for cooler light, black to absorb it.

So you know, the material to illuminate your study can not be as expensive as you’d first imagined. Just subtract to think that types of pictures you want to take, as you plan to do and what equipment and then re-read this article and go shopping.


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