Newfrog Suggest How To Decorate Your Living Room

You do not know how to decorate your room? Define your style can be a very simple task if you follow these tips.home goods chooosing is necessory.

The main thing is to choose a range of colors that go with the space and your style, it is important because, first, for example, light colors will help a greater amplitude , second,it reflects your personality .

If you dare to put prints it easier to combine them for choosing a large flat piece, the main chair is a good choice, and decorate around with the same pattern, and it is even better if the fabric you choose combined with solid color.

One option for the accommodation of a corner modular furniture is separate and leave the corner facing the rest of the furniture to give the room a touch of dynamism.

Mix colors to give a greater feeling of warmth to your room, use several tones within the same range it gives a sense of harmony.


Hanging lamps and recessed with dimmer will be the protagonists in the lighting of your room, make sure you choose a light warm tone and the bulbs are not located just above the seating areas, as this will create shadows on the faces of your guests .

If your room is small, we recommend placing light weight chairs combined with a plain chair, this is a great choice because not take up much space and can coordinate with different styles within the same range of color for a vintage or eclectic style.

Mix trends and creates a unique style! vintage, rustic or modern touches can be combined perfectly through the details, can you choose a palette rustic but your furniture is vintage, this will give a lot more personality to your home.


wall-sticker is also a good choice,if,your home wall painted with white paint, or be blank,it is so bare that seems something less, why not consider some wall stickers, colorful colors will make your house full of vitality.of course, according to your favor,you can also choose to stick some photos, both of all be ok.


wall sticker


Most important, enjoy it! Direct you through rules will help you find the harmony of your decor but it is more important that each piece you locate you like and reflects who you are.

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