Mobile wireless charging you deserve

wireless charging

Today wireless charging though not as usual, some companies are moving toward this type of technology. In fact, a mobile wireless charge device is something that can represent practicality and speed for most users. There is a technology called Qi wireless charging which has been updated and can help us accomplish this task.

An alliance of companies named as Wireless Power Consortium has made great progress on the technology mentioned because it is a new version of the standard Qi that can transmit 15 watts of power without wires with a similar fast chargers performance using cable.

The results of the latest advances in WPC showed that it is possible to charge a mobile 60% in only half an hour. Such charge rate would apply to both smartphones and tablets.

Qi is a standard for mobile wireless industry since most mobile devices are charged wirelessly using this specification. A clear example is the Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4.

wood wireless charging

In 2015,there was only exclusive Wireless Power Consortium members can use this wireless charging technology to start creating new products. because there was not enough information to know when new phones will be manufactured with this standard, but after the WPC’s trying to achieve manufacturing ,this year,it is avaliable on cell phone accessories store  online.

Would you like to charge your phone wirelessly?


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