Vodool creates fantastic new Virtual Reality worlds with a powerful & full-featured 3D VR headset

Vodool3D VR Glasses – First Impressions

The Vodool 3D VR Headset makes a great firstimpression.The first thing one notices is the obvious quality of materials andattention to detail. This isn’t an expensive rig but the fit and finish is fantastic and high quality materials abound. The foam cushions are thick and the headstraps are wide and multi-adjustable. The phone mount and cover are sturdy and
there are several adjustment knobs on the exterior. Many virtual reality headsets feel flimsy and cheap, but the Vodool has reassuring indications of quality that suggest how well it will perform.

Design and Materials

As with most VR headsets the Vodool looks futuristic and far out! Its glossy black polycarbonate is super durable and has clean lines that give the headset an overall low profile considering that it supports phones of up to 6 inches. The real joy is when trying on the device for the first time. The foam padding is thick and ultra-comfortable Cortex and memory cotton that conforms to any face size and can even allow users with glasses to wear them with the device. The extra wide head straps are more comfortable than most units as well. The attachment points for the straps are cleverly placed to create a proper center of gravity that results in a comfortable fit over many hours. At 378 grams of overall weight, the headset is light enough for kids and adults alike.


The real magic of the Vodool is in the display that results from the independently adjustable right and left side optical lenses creating a 70-80 degree viewing angle. To perfect the focus, create the best 3D effects and reduce eye strain, the lenses have adjustable focal distance and object distance with changes made easily with handy external knobs – there is no reason to take the headset off for quick adjustments. The results are stunning! It gives the effect of being surrounded by a 1000 inch giant
screen that appears to be 3 meters away. The newfrog virtual reality world that is created is simply breathtaking.


The Vodool headset makes it easy to turn virtually any smartphone into a VR wonderland. With support for smartphones from 3.5 – 6.0 inches, it has wide physical compatibility and supports both Android and iOS so that practically anyone with a mobile phone can get started with the exciting world of VR.


The Vodool VR glasses support all manner of 3D entertainment. Watch any 3D movie without dizziness and in amazing clarity, make regular video come alive like never before and experience 3D IMAX giant cinema. The Vodool supports 360 degree panoramic scenes and many downloadable, VR specific content from the internet. The Vodool headset turns media and entertainment into a totally immersive panoramic experience that must be seen to be believed.

Final Thoughts

The Virtual Reality revolution is here. Luckily with quality devices such as the Vodool VR headset, experiencing this amazing effect is inexpensive and easy. It’s a little hard to believe that this headset doesn’t cost more considering it has features and quality that rivals much more expensive brands. The results are fantastic and once a person tries VR, nothing is ever the same again. All that is required is a compatible mobile phone and a taste for excitement. This Vodool 3D VR headset is one of the best tested recently, with a great price and astounding performance. The Vodool 3D VR is highly recommended from Vodool smart gadgets.


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