What do you think of men’s fashion?

what do you think of men’s fashion?maybe there are something think set in your mind that different the trend.what are them?

1. Demystifying the myths!
Men do not love fashion, shopping is not their thingAll false ! The few studies on the sector demonstrate the contrary, the importance of fashion for men and their taste for style! They are in fact close to 80% among the upper class enjoy being well-dressed!

2. Fighting receive ideas!
Who buys clothes for men? Their wives, their girlfriends or their mom?

Well no, in 83% of cases, it is men themselves who choose and purchase their wardrobe! However, the opinion of women is important for the majority. Indeed, 68% of men taking into account the opinion of the person who shares their life, 21% seek advice another woman, and 14% are learning from a family member.


3.shopping but ease too!
Men love shopping there? Studies show that the answer is yes! However, they diverge when it comes to knowing how! In fact, according to studies, the percentage of men who enjoy shopping varies from 52% to 71%.

If general men love to shop, it is easy to understand why it was long thought otherwise. Some blame on today’s shopping experience, whether online or in stores are so ingrained in men.

In stock, they fear the world, the unavailability of products, and the fact of moving.
Online, the lack of contact with the product to try, touch the material, etc. Cities are the main inconveniences.
The secret to reach this target will be to find the recipe that will make them more complete and easier experience!

4. choices dictated by confidence
Men, more than women, tend to choose designer clothes (63% of men against 44% of women), guarantee of quality and durability. They seek to further build up a wardrobe basics durable than indulge in compulsive shopping.

This attitude feeds the theory that man needs to be reassured in its fashion shopping to find quality clothing, durable, and safe style. The male tendency is supported by the needs and desires already cited: be advised to validate their choices and try on clothes.

5. A real budget but a focus on price
The average budget on men for their shopping is 360 € per year, against € 500 on average for women. The amounts allocated to men’s fashion are not insignificant! Besides they are also 26% spend more than € 600.

Just like women, men want to control their budget! In 10 years, the place of promotions in the shopping budget has increased. Indeed, it’s almost a garment for two men who bought promotional or sales!

6. The potential for a young target more “fashion victims” than women of the same age!
On the specific market of men’s fashion, a unique feature is the predominance of youth! Men aged 15 to 19 spend on average € 677 a year, or 62 € more than women the same age. They thus remain big spenders until their thirties and the budget allocated to this expenditure is reduced to fit into the average midlife.

This young target is especially connected and engaged. Just like women, men are preparing their purchases upstream. They are indeed 82% to go to merchant sites and almost a quarter to see fashion sites such newfrog, blogs, etc.

This is partly on these blogs that have emerged the specifics of the offer for men, characterized by a strong support of the Internet in their shopping online.

7. The web accompanies men!
There is no mistake, sites and fashion blogs dedicated to men are not like those devoted to women’s fashion! Most surprising when one is a woman and that we consider the matter are complete guides to help men choose their clothes, to know the brands to decipher trends looks, find their style and find them online!

All these content items which are intended to accompany men in the choices are very different from those found in women’s fashion often focused on the prominence of an outfit and originality of new associations.

Thus, men in style in 2016 should be attached much importance,but not only women fashion. Fashion online store like newfrog will always focus on both the fashions and see here about more apparel & accessories.


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