How to fitness in a hot day?

How does the heat on your body and what to look for so that your body is well prepared.

Firstly, it is important to start with a good warming-up. Because even though it’s 25 degrees outside and you have it nice and warm, your muscles need time to warm up. The risk of injuries is larger when you’re not warming up properly before exercise your muscles.

Warming up
A good warm-up makes your body warm and ready for the next performance you are going to deliver. The blood circulation of muscles gets better and makes them less vulnerable than cold, stiff muscles. A warm-up not only reduces the risk of injuries, but also ensures that you have less muscle soreness after exercise. This is due to the metabolic processes. After a warm-up your muscles get faster oxygen and energy. You are hereby produces less waste, resulting in less pain!

A good warm-up consists of three parts:
– Circulation warm up (general)
– Stretching exercises
– Sport Specific warm-up
How such a warm-up look like?
The circulation warm-up is focused on the increase of the heart rate and oxygen uptake. First walk a few minutes (at least 2-3) gently. Make this slight movements of arms and legs: think of it around swinging the arms, lifting the knees, cross step, etc.
When you’re done with that, go over to the stretching exercises. Lets you practice the maximum movement of the muscles and joints. Consider stretching the thigh muscles such as the quadriceps and hamstrings, but also to the triceps. Important when stretching is that you rack holding at least 20-30 seconds to achieve the optimal result.

Finally follows the sport specific warm-up: ie it hang from what sport you do. If you’re going to play tennis for example, start with some quiet success. So your muscles are properly warmed up when you then start using explosive.

After exercise: cool down
is just as important to bring slowly to idle your body after exercise. The main reason for this is that after exercise from one moment to the other stops moving and your muscles are no longer used intensively. Your heart has to adapt to this new situation and this requires time. Walk therefore after exercise always quiet to let your heart come to rest. This arid you through a cool-down.

This ensures, as a warm-up for a decreased risk of injuries and less muscle soreness after exercise. This is because a cooling down facilitates the removal of waste from the muscles. As hopes for instance lactic acid during exercise, causing a heavy feeling in your arms or legs. With a good cool-down, you lose the waste faster.

Prevent dehydration
Besides warming up, there are other aspects that are important in sports in warm temperatures, so dehydration is common. This is because you in dry and sunny weather often do not notice that you sweat, because it is already evaporated before you notice it.

The body can namely be up to 2.5 liters of fluid loss per hour, while it can be recorded to 850 milliliters per hour. So it is very important to properly hydrate before, during and after exercise: Maintain 150% moisture to maintain your performance. Drink cool beverages containing electrolytes and salt. This promotes better hydration. Check to be sure as the label for the content of your sports drink.

In short: outdoor sports with nice weather is a great way of moving, but you’ve got to prepare for your body. Drink enough and get a good start and conclusion of your workout. So a portable drinking bottle should always carry with which can be get from sporting stores.  Besides, Dont’s forget to wear a visor hat.60650-02-1

May you a healthy body with burly muscle!


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