What’s the trends woman bags for 2016?

The warm weather is going to arrive, you wonder what the woman hand bags trends this season? or maybe the women fashion trend better!
Bright colors
Inevitably, with the new season, the desire to get out of the black comes with you. So why not buy a colored bag ? Electric blue handbag, sunny yellow or pink barbie, the accessory that will fail pep to your outfit, for a dose of good humor guaranteed! Of course, we are easy go on with the rest of the outfit, we know you love the colors, but go with buttons!

Pastel colors
A pastel pink bag, anise or sky blue, bring softness and femininity to your look, and the way you remember your favorite little buttons …! But right now, it is mostly nude bag that is adopted by all the women borrowed nude makeup, it perfectly matches with all kinds of outfits and delight both girls classic style fashionistas. Click here to see a selection of nude bags. also appearing more and more white bags, very nice to wear in the summer on a beach, but require more maintenance because they get dirty quickly.

The bucket bag or purse bag
This bag, like a bucket, closes with a drawstring and is worn on the shoulder with a strap. We know all the famous Bardot Lancel bag. Gradually, many leather goods brands have set design bags that form, and at a much more affordable price. We love the original and practical side of the bucket bag, which is thriving with a casual-chic look: skinny jeans navy blue with silver slippers, a beautiful beige trench coat and black hat bent, see!

The fringed bag
Another trend this season: the fringed bag. We used to see fringed jackets, shoes and skirts, and now the bag makes it! The fringes are everywhere and seduce followers of bohemian style.

The mini bag
Are you a girl who usually choose large handbags to store all your daily business because you always bring your home with you ….now you should Know that a mini bag may very well complete your large tote bag everyday. It is not uncommon to see people come out with two bags. In a mini bag, you can put your most important business you always want to have on you without having to waste time to get them out, for example, your wallet, phone, keys, etc. Wear the mini bag across his shoulder through. And of course, more is smaller, it’s cute! The mini bag is undoubtedly the king of evening bags.

What’s types of the bag will make a shock to you? Fashion online shopping with stylish bags belongs to beautiful girl like you!


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