Bluetooth Headphone -Wireless Sports Headband

Wireless Sports  Headband- this is almost perfect wireless headphones, which is not only a simply bluetooth headphone. These headphones are the progenitor of a new class of devices on newfrog- completely wireless headphones. They can listen to music, to collect data on their own activities and make voice calls. Now the company has decided to launch a younger model of wireless headphones, calling them The Headphone.

Imagine that With a bluetooth headband, you can listen to music, receive calls and keep your head and ears warm when in cold weather.a hat can be save but cool and warm still with it. maybe you worry the dirty when wearing a long time, this is not a question,speakers can be taken off so that you can wash the headband.


Among other functions – control music playback, skip tracks, voice calls, and more.

At the same time Bluetooth wireless headband  no sensors for conducting physical activity monitoring . And without phone on hand ,turning the head to the call can not be answered. In Headphones instead poverbanka-case is just case, charge the headphones can be from an external source, the battery life when streaming music is comparable to 4-6 hours.


Data are transferred from the phone to the headset and back via Bluetooth. There is also a function of Audio Transparency of Bluetooth wireless headphone. Recall, this feature allows you to control external noise. Headphones can either completely block them, or else to pass a certain percentage of environmental sounds (from 0 to 100%).


Bluetooth wireless headphone is never stop update,but a opportunity come should not let it go,music is a part of our life,when do exercise,sleeping and when in winter,there are many trouble come with listening music,why not treat yourself better,choose Wireless Sports  Headband bluetooth headphone to enjoy music.