Lenovo announces its presence at IFA 2016 through a new video

Through a new video recently posted to YouTube, Lenovo reminds us of his presence the upcoming IFA 2016 to be held in Berlin. The movie is called Sneak Peek at Lenovo’s 2016 Holiday Product Launch and anticipates what will be the main products that the Chinese company intends to present in the course of his lecture, which will be held on August 31, and for the entire duration of the fair.

The video that we anticipate will be unveiled new tablets and new modules Moto Mods dedicated to the top of the Z-series range is also talk of new keyboards, new devices can “blur the line between creativity and productivity.” Beyond that, they are shown early folding of the latest smartphones and tablets from Lenovo and images of the launch of Moto 360. The latter may be one of the protagonists of the fair, as it could be presented the third generation right on the IFA stage.

In short, including accessories, tablet,combined to the one, next-generation keyboards and wearable possible, Lenovo’s conference, in addition to its booth at the fair, they will begin to show the possible novelties particularly interesting and rich. We waiting for its publish,waiting for the selling on online like Ebay,newfrog,amazon and etc.