Vodool Waterproof Shockproof Dustproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker -on offer

Vodool Speaker Bluetooth, a portable audio sound box ideal for the summer season





The Vodool Speaker Bluetooth is available on newfrog on offer at a price of 20,42 EUR.


Made of TPU and ABS, the speaker in question has an IP65 certification, to protect it from dust, sand and water and can be used safely even at the beach or poolside. What’s the more feature, the speaker is also shockproof.


This is the physical buttons with which you can adjust the volume and / or change the track being played. There is also an integrated microphone with which to answer voice calls on its paired smart phone.

If you were the outdoor enthusiast, there is a lower attack with which to attach the speaker to various objects, such as the handlebars of a bicycle, using GoPro accessories or similar.


The Bluetooth connection has a radius of about 10 meters, delivering a maximum power of 5W. There is also an AUX input to connect non-wireless devices. The battery contained within it is a unit with 2000 mAh with 5V charging and a range of about 10 hours of use.

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