What do you think of men’s fashion?

what do you think of men’s fashion?maybe there are something think set in your mind that different the trend.what are them?

1. Demystifying the myths!
Men do not love fashion, shopping is not their thingAll false ! The few studies on the sector demonstrate the contrary, the importance of fashion for men and their taste for style! They are in fact close to 80% among the upper class enjoy being well-dressed!

2. Fighting receive ideas!
Who buys clothes for men? Their wives, their girlfriends or their mom?

Well no, in 83% of cases, it is men themselves who choose and purchase their wardrobe! However, the opinion of women is important for the majority. Indeed, 68% of men taking into account the opinion of the person who shares their life, 21% seek advice another woman, and 14% are learning from a family member.


3.shopping but ease too!
Men love shopping there? Studies show that the answer is yes! However, they diverge when it comes to knowing how! In fact, according to studies, the percentage of men who enjoy shopping varies from 52% to 71%.

If general men love to shop, it is easy to understand why it was long thought otherwise. Some blame on today’s shopping experience, whether online or in stores are so ingrained in men.

In stock, they fear the world, the unavailability of products, and the fact of moving.
Online, the lack of contact with the product to try, touch the material, etc. Cities are the main inconveniences.
The secret to reach this target will be to find the recipe that will make them more complete and easier experience!

4. choices dictated by confidence
Men, more than women, tend to choose designer clothes (63% of men against 44% of women), guarantee of quality and durability. They seek to further build up a wardrobe basics durable than indulge in compulsive shopping.

This attitude feeds the theory that man needs to be reassured in its fashion shopping to find quality clothing, durable, and safe style. The male tendency is supported by the needs and desires already cited: be advised to validate their choices and try on clothes.

5. A real budget but a focus on price
The average budget on men for their shopping is 360 € per year, against € 500 on average for women. The amounts allocated to men’s fashion are not insignificant! Besides they are also 26% spend more than € 600.

Just like women, men want to control their budget! In 10 years, the place of promotions in the shopping budget has increased. Indeed, it’s almost a garment for two men who bought promotional or sales!

6. The potential for a young target more “fashion victims” than women of the same age!
On the specific market of men’s fashion, a unique feature is the predominance of youth! Men aged 15 to 19 spend on average € 677 a year, or 62 € more than women the same age. They thus remain big spenders until their thirties and the budget allocated to this expenditure is reduced to fit into the average midlife.

This young target is especially connected and engaged. Just like women, men are preparing their purchases upstream. They are indeed 82% to go to merchant sites and almost a quarter to see fashion sites such newfrog, blogs, etc.

This is partly on these blogs that have emerged the specifics of the offer for men, characterized by a strong support of the Internet in their shopping online.

7. The web accompanies men!
There is no mistake, sites and fashion blogs dedicated to men are not like those devoted to women’s fashion! Most surprising when one is a woman and that we consider the matter are complete guides to help men choose their clothes, to know the brands to decipher trends looks, find their style and find them online!

All these content items which are intended to accompany men in the choices are very different from those found in women’s fashion often focused on the prominence of an outfit and originality of new associations.

Thus, men in style in 2016 should be attached much importance,but not only women fashion. Fashion online store like newfrog will always focus on both the fashions and see here about more apparel & accessories.


Vodool Waterproof iphone 7 Cases from newfrog

This product is incredible. I purchased to use while in Key West for an iPhone 7and it fits perfectly. It is completely waterproof and takes great photos and video through the case but you have to press record prior to submerging the white case underwater. My family went snorkeling and kept the white case with the phone inside submerge almost the entire time and had ni issues with leakage. My family and I got stopped numerous tomes being asked where we purchased this product, we are always glad to respond that the remarkable product is from Newfrog.

Perfect even if just on the beach and you do not want to get sand or sunscreen on your phone and want to still take photos/text/browse internet while on the beach, I will be purchasing Vodool Waterproof White Case for iPhone 7 for every one of my family as it’s as become a travel must have!

Vodool Waterproof White case for iPhone 7 is amazing! I go kayaking several times a week and needed something to protect my iPhone 7 along the way I have used this case on several occasions and I couldn’t be happier.

A Few Tips:

These are tips I used before I go for another purchased on Vodool Waterproof white case for iPhone 7 and was amazing, Highly recommended.

  • Always test case before trusting it with expensive electronics. Do this by submerging the case in water with paper towel in it
  • Make sure to place in the case under dry conditions and try not to open the case during your trip. Opening the case under a hot sun after being submerged in cold water can result in condensation buildup inside the case and make the clear plastic foggy. ( I discovered this after momentarily taking my phone out for a clearer picture. I don’t think condensation is enough to damage the phone but it makes it harder to see or take pictures.)
  • If you will be using your phone for taking pictures or texting while in this case try to squeeze out our air before sealing. Leaving air in can cause air bubbles making it difficult to use the touchscreen.
  • If you won’t be using your phone’s touchscreen leave some air in the case before sealing so that the case will float!

I would definitely recommend Vodool Waterproof White Case for iPhone 7 to anyone, I am very pleased with the overall quality and build for this product.

For more enquiries or information on the product kindly visit www.newfrog.com.

Highly recommended.



Vodool creates fantastic new Virtual Reality worlds with a powerful & full-featured 3D VR headset

Vodool3D VR Glasses – First Impressions

The Vodool 3D VR Headset makes a great firstimpression.The first thing one notices is the obvious quality of materials andattention to detail. This isn’t an expensive rig but the fit and finish is fantastic and high quality materials abound. The foam cushions are thick and the headstraps are wide and multi-adjustable. The phone mount and cover are sturdy and
there are several adjustment knobs on the exterior. Many virtual reality headsets feel flimsy and cheap, but the Vodool has reassuring indications of quality that suggest how well it will perform.

Design and Materials

As with most VR headsets the Vodool looks futuristic and far out! Its glossy black polycarbonate is super durable and has clean lines that give the headset an overall low profile considering that it supports phones of up to 6 inches. The real joy is when trying on the device for the first time. The foam padding is thick and ultra-comfortable Cortex and memory cotton that conforms to any face size and can even allow users with glasses to wear them with the device. The extra wide head straps are more comfortable than most units as well. The attachment points for the straps are cleverly placed to create a proper center of gravity that results in a comfortable fit over many hours. At 378 grams of overall weight, the headset is light enough for kids and adults alike.


The real magic of the Vodool is in the display that results from the independently adjustable right and left side optical lenses creating a 70-80 degree viewing angle. To perfect the focus, create the best 3D effects and reduce eye strain, the lenses have adjustable focal distance and object distance with changes made easily with handy external knobs – there is no reason to take the headset off for quick adjustments. The results are stunning! It gives the effect of being surrounded by a 1000 inch giant
screen that appears to be 3 meters away. The newfrog virtual reality world that is created is simply breathtaking.


The Vodool headset makes it easy to turn virtually any smartphone into a VR wonderland. With support for smartphones from 3.5 – 6.0 inches, it has wide physical compatibility and supports both Android and iOS so that practically anyone with a mobile phone can get started with the exciting world of VR.


The Vodool VR glasses support all manner of 3D entertainment. Watch any 3D movie without dizziness and in amazing clarity, make regular video come alive like never before and experience 3D IMAX giant cinema. The Vodool supports 360 degree panoramic scenes and many downloadable, VR specific content from the internet. The Vodool headset turns media and entertainment into a totally immersive panoramic experience that must be seen to be believed.

Final Thoughts

The Virtual Reality revolution is here. Luckily with quality devices such as the Vodool VR headset, experiencing this amazing effect is inexpensive and easy. It’s a little hard to believe that this headset doesn’t cost more considering it has features and quality that rivals much more expensive brands. The results are fantastic and once a person tries VR, nothing is ever the same again. All that is required is a compatible mobile phone and a taste for excitement. This Vodool 3D VR headset is one of the best tested recently, with a great price and astounding performance. The Vodool 3D VR is highly recommended from Vodool smart gadgets.

Vodool Car Charging Holder Review – A Great Tool to Tame Your Phone While Driving

Vodool Car Charging Holder – At First Glance

Smartphone docks and holders for automobiles are not new to the market. In fact, it is safe to say that there are too many to choose from and most folks have owned a number of them over the years. Remember the old days when changing phones meant a whole new set of proprietary accessories for charging and transportation? Luckily those dreary days are gone. The  Vodool Car Charging Holder is a perfect example. It is a combination car dock and charger with auxiliary USB outputs. It is advertised for iPhone and Samsung but its incredible adjustability means that it is suitable for just about any smartphone. The additional charging outputs are a handy bonus and it may just be one of the best holders of its kind on the market now.

Car charging holder

Design and Materials

Made from a combination of ABS, PC, and silica gel, the Vodool is predominately black to blend nicely with auto interiors and has some green highlights around the holder edges, handy in dim interiors when fitting a phone. The build quality is good and made with a minimum of material for a slim, sleek look and light weight. The gel of the adjustable phone holder is super soft to protect the phone from bumps, shocks, and scratches. In terms of safety, the Vodool carries the standard CE.FCC.ROHS certifications for electrical devices and chargers.


For any car phone dock adjustability is key and in this the department the Vodool excels. The point of attachment is naturally the car’s cigarette lighter and the Vodool fits snugly and securely. The flexible arm moves in any direction, has excellent hold and extends from a length of 115.5mm ~ 173.6mm. Used in conjunction with the omni-directional holder cradle the Vodool can position the phone in any desired configuration. The holder cradle achieves this with an adjustable ball and socket attachment that allows full 360 degree motion as well as tilt and turn. Having the ability to tighten the ball and socket means that the non-slip holder can be set up for easy adjustment on the go or locked down for maximum hold. The Vodool can certainly hold Apple and Samsung smartphones with its unique K-shaped cradle but its awesome adjustability allows phones of the length 10.8cm ~ 16.8cm and the width 5.0cm ~ 8.5cm to fit meaning that virtually any smartphone is compatible – a great feature for people who have multiple devices or multiple drivers.

Vodool Car charging holder
Vodool Car charging holder


In addition to holding a smartphone in any position the Vodool Car Charging Holder carries two USB outputs for charging and includes a Micro USB cable. This is a great feature as often the passenger also has a phone to charge or the driver may have other devices such as a tablet or auto GPS that requires power during drives. For a car holder this compact and useful the functionality is top notch.

Car charging holder
Car charging holder

Charging Capabilities

The two USB charging outputs on the Vodool Car Charging Holder both support fast charging at an impressive 5V-2.1Amp – great for getting devices with large batteries or backup power supplies charging in a hurry. Of course charging a smartphone is a breeze too.

Accessories and Extras

Conveniently, the Vodool Car Charging Holder comes with a Micro USB cable for charging most devices.

What’s the bottom line?

Users will love the simple functionality of the Vodool Car Charging Holder and appreciate the protection it provides to smartphones. The amazing adjustability gives this holder a lot of flexibility for phone position and the dual USB charging outputs will satisfy business and gear heavy users who need to charge multiple devices while on the road. The Vodool isn’t groundbreaking in its functions but simply does its job very well.


Trend for summer 2016, pant and skirts plisse for a season beauty

That’s one of the trends for summer 2016: trousers and pleated skirts for the summer for sophisticated look and fresh and will make it perfect for every occasion!

The pleating is among the coolest trends 2016 of the hot season and is applied by the designers of the entire wardrobe, as well as giving the garments a sophisticated allure and fun-loving: a slightly pleated touch that gives class and movement to any look!

From the most formal to the most casual, the outfits with pleated garments are all wonderful: dresses, skirts, trousers, jumpsuits and sweaters will have that extra oomph that will characterize the most of your summer look.


From the classic pleated midi skirt pleated skirt chiffon to jaunty, the culotte pants pleated to take with colored sneakers or sandals slipper, this trend will conquer only by browsing our proposals at the first glance.

Among the must-see patterns we find the long pleated skirts, elegant and refined, perfect for depending on the tissue and shades for day and evening outfits. Suitable for every occasion is the long skirt pleated Alexander McQueen PE 2016 pink quartz with satin waistband and light floral decoration on the length of some darker tone.

For an elegant evening look, you can not miss, however, the long pleated metallic skirt Maison Margiela Spring Summer 2016 with black waist band and made of lurex, fabric that give a touch shine-posh perfect for a special evening. Wear it with an elegant décolleté or a summer sandal nude effect and you will be beautiful!

For  an aperitif or a trendy office look can wear the gray-blue pleated skirt MSGM spring summer 2016, the head of a large class especially for the neutral tones and detail that characterizes it, perfect when paired with a shirt in white satin and a clear bag bucket with colorful details.

Who was not a lover of the skirts has nothing to fear, because we also proposals of beautiful pleated pants for summer 2016 perfect for all tastes. The models range from pants bell-pleated blue Zara S | S 2016 to be worn with a short sweater, colored or clear, for a glamorous and ethereal outfits, the baggy pants pleated H & M Spring Summer 2016 gold for a fresh look and suitable class even at evening occasions.

Wear with a high heel, a flat sandal or a sports shoe, slip on sneakers, or, these leaders will be perfect for both formal outfits for both casual look to wear with style in many different occasions.

It just has to look at the models of skirts and pleated trousers for the summer 2016 to find all the proposals that are right for you and create new looks, trendy and original at any time of day or night. it is new arrival in the online clothing stores.

iphone7 launch, an Apple event expected with great joy

Apple’s fans worldwide have impatiently waited for September 2016 to see what the American telecommunications giant had prepared this time. On September 7 in San Francisco was an important day for all who would like to acquire the latest technology miracles and at the same time travel into the future. There were of course many rumors about what one might expect of the new model and its other equipment. Apple has with great pleasure presented new iPhones, new Apple Watch Series 2 and wireless headphones – AirPods.

Apple iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus has been released with many improvements, but there are also some things that are almost the same as on the previous model. The phone’s goal is not has changed its – screen size is 4.7 “/ 5.5”; it has a 12MP camera and 2GB RAM memory. But there are other things we want to draw attention.

Home button is changed and better adapted in design. But it is not a “button” more. Now it is a static plate, which Apple calls the haptic feedback. Both models are available in versions with 32GB, 128GB and 256GB of storage. It is presented as a phone that is 2 times faster than last year’s model, because it has a A10 Fusion chip built in, and longer battery life ever! You can choose between the colors Jet Black, black, space gray, gold and rose gold.

Apple iPhone7 available in 5 colors
Just like last year’s model, are this year’s model on a large and small version – iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The model has an advanced and improved camera system, where users get an optical image stabilization, FaceTime HD camera, True Tone Flash with four LEDs and a lens with six lenses that allow you to record better videos and pictures in low light.

improved iPhone 7 camera
Hearing jack is removed from the new iPhone, and it is perhaps one of the most shocking innovations. Instead of the normal headset, you get a Lightning adapter where you can connect its 3.5 mm headset. The same connector is used to charge the phone using a Soluble Ning-cable included in the box. The new iPhone 7 is also dust and water resistant, which we have been waiting for a long time.

The new Apple AirPod
The entire sound system was presented as something nobody has ever before seen or experienced. AirPods is a brand new product from Apple – wireless in-ear headphones. They are ready to use when you put them in your ears, and pauses when you take them out; they have longer battery life and can be connected to iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac or iPad. Siri is easily accessible by a double press AirPods, and you’re ready to get help from your virtual assistant. They have built an Apple chip W1 which allows you to listen to music for 5 hours on one charge. They include a practical charging case. Are you interested in having them in your ear? It is reported that they first come to October.

Apple Watch Series 2
The second generation of the clock has been released along with other amazing things on Keynoge 2016. It is an enhanced model that is water resistant down to 50 meters, has built-in GPS and a new dual-core processor, which means it’s faster than the last. There are different watch straps for everyone, so it is just to choose. This gadget is mainly really good to measure your daily movements, it has a heart rate monitor, activity circles, personal trainer and mm.

Overall, there are many things waiting for with joy. Interesting and useful gadgets and a device that can really help us a lot in our everyday lives. The new Apple mobile can be pre-ordered from September 9 and can be purchased from 16 September like the clock. At Gadget City, we look forward enormously to this new model comes out, and we will, as always stand ready with a wide quality committee of covers, gadgets, and accessories for you and your new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus – Here you will find your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus accessories on newfrog .


Apple iPhone represented 7 and 7 Plus,newfrog news

The main change was the design of iPhone 7. The back cover is completely free from the plastic inserts, which makes the appearance of the device intact and harmonious. The body is made of glass and aluminum with a three-dimensional polishing. The Apple logo stainless steel imprinted in the upper layer of the back cover.

There were no changes in the arrangement of the controls. All the buttons and function keys were left in their original locations. Novelty has a housing protection standard IP67, which means that the body prevents the penetration of water and dust.

Contrary to expectations, Space Gray shade in the line no. But in comparison to a series of six colors became more. By the usual Silver, Gold and Rose Gold added Glossy Black, and the new Black Onyx Jet Black.
As expected, Apple iPhone 7 Plus 7 and equipped with new 4-core 64-bit processors Apple A10 Fusion. As a result, the devices have become more efficient, but consumes an order of magnitude less power. Graphic works 1.5 times more efficient than the iPhone 6s, and three times better than the iPhone 6.
The new generation of mobile phones are available with hard drives of 32, 128 and 256 GB. This is logical, since the high-resolution files (e.g., 4K-video) occupy much space. a microSD slot and has not appeared, and it is not surprising.
Diagonal Apple iPhone 7 Plus display and 7 remained unchanged – 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches respectively. And they themselves became more qualitative screens brightness increased by 25%, supported by HDR. Now use the phone much easier, since even in direct sunlight, you can easily view photos and other information on the screen. Screen resolutions – 1334 * 750 pixels and 1920 * 1080 pixels, respectively.

Dual Camera – another distinguishing feature Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. It immediately showed her from the scene, Tim Cook. 7th version has a 12 megapixel camera with oversized 6-element lens. Model 7 Plus is equipped with dual camera with the same resolution. New camera sensor 60% faster and 30% more efficient than modules used in the series of six. Both versions of the smartphone received optical image stabilization and supports RAW format.
The second module is worthy of more detailed consideration. Here we have a wide-angle camera and a telephoto lens. Previously, Tim Cook has focused on the fact that the 7-generation iPhones will open up new possibilities of mobile photography. Apparently, so be it. The quality of shooting at the Apple iPhone 7 Plus and 7 as close as possible to the SLR cameras, which can not fail to please users. By default, your smartphone uses a wide-angle lens. When you double-click on the screen in the course is a telephoto lens. With this phone you can take photos with a shallow depth of field, which previously could be achieved only with the help of a professional camera.

Both smartphones take quality pictures in low light. Also, both cameras got flash True Tone Quad-LED of the four LEDs (two white and two yellow) to provide improved color reproduction; Flash up to 50% brighter and more “hits” on.

The new iPhone kupertintsy abandoned the standard 3.5 mm connector. Wired headphones are connected via Lightning port or via Bluetooth. For older headphones will have to use an adapter.
The rest of the communication capabilities remain the same: support for Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, dual-band Wi-Fi, GPS and A-GPS. Slot for the second SIM-card does not appear.